Create slides and

UI-design concept

BetChill wanted some slides which illustraded their user  flow, before games and during live games. It is used on their site, to show to investors and also in different sport betting events.

BetChill AB is a game-provider (B2B) with a vision to enable operators to offer different sports betting experiences.


Customer: BetChill AB.

Duration: 3 weeks.

Team: Solo job.

Role: UX/UI-Designer, Researcher, user-tester.

What i did:

  • Customer appointments
  • Conducting research
  • Recruitation and user-testing
  • Customer communication
  • UI and UX design

The Brief

I was kind of confused when I got the brief by mail, a classic pdf

which was very long and complex but after the customer appointment it all became very clear - what I was supposed to do, and also what their vision was.

The exciting part of this little project was that they haven't yet decided company colors, fonts or anything at all. Which was to me a great oppurtunity to set the UI-concept for the whole company.


I held a great communication with the product owner during the process. I shared the figma board so that they could follow the progress in real time.

In that way could I request instant feedback whenever there were som major questions about the design decisions. One question was about their color approach. Would they prefer a darkmode interface version or a lightmode interface version as their standard.

I also made several user tests which would give me the insights and basis of several design decisions.

Due to the possibility to follow my work in real time did the customer put in some valueable information throughout the iteriations. Which made my deliviery more valuable.

The Delivery

Created these slides as the UI-concept for the betting platform.

I used the same font as the company uses on their website for consistency in the brand.

I chose two colors with alot of contrast which would draw more attention and in that way feel hype.

I strongly dislike the top area with all the buttons and overwhelming information, but I had to include them accordingly to rules and legislations.

I used Figma to create the UI. I created an interactive melt-in navigation bar at the bottom of the screen, and I also did an general highlighting mechanic which allows the user to easily locate themselves inside the app.

wireframed, prototyped and conducted user testing, and made design decisions with the user in focus.

The company got very pleased with the end product.