Viktor Andersson

UX-Designer with an aestethic set of mind.

Welcome to my portfolio!

I focus on creating design concepts and experiences that empowers people and solves real-life problems.

My passion is user-research, game design and gamification.

I see it as a big part of the future and we've only seen the tip of the iceberg yet.  - The game has just begun. 

My work

AreaChica AB - 2021

My team and I re-designed and added features to the existing page in order to help users complete their profiles and to make them understand the value proposition of the platform.

Dreams AB - 2021

My team took on the mission to make the company increase their revenue but at the same time, gain knowledge about their customers.

BetChill AB - 2021

I created a UI concept with user centered design for a mobile betting platform.

World Beyond War - 2021

"Finding Peace"

Designed an educational board game for the organization World Beyond War, which is available on the steam platform.

 Our game is a part of several human rights modules and has a central role in the world refugee day module which takes place in  many different schools in Ireland.

WatchItGolf - 2020

We designed features and improvements towards an golf application accordingly to our research.

The end delivery is confidential due to an NDA.